a hundred ways to kill yourself without actually dying

for entertainment purposes only

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Max Rael
6 July
the fictional adventures of Max Rael out of History Of Guns.

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abandoned buildings, abandonment, absinthe, abstinence, abstract, acedia, acid, alcohol, altered states, anarchy, andrea dworkin, anti-facism, anxiety, art, autism, banksy, bdsm, beer, being squeezed, being tied up, bingeing, black and white, black books, black electrical tape, body modification, bondage, breaking through, brighton, broken beats, bruises, bruising, burning, carter usm, castration, cbt, cfnm, chaos, chartreuse, cheese, chris morris, chuck palahniuk, coil, contemplating suicide, conversation, crass, crimethinc, crying, cut, cuts and bruises, darren aronofsky, david lynch, death, denial, depression, digital hardcore, distortion, dostoevsky, dreaming, drinking, dying inside, ecstasy, edinburgh, ending corporate slavery, ending it all, equality, escape, escapism, experimental, feminism, fight club, fighting your demons, films, fractured personality, freedom, futurepunk, genesis, gin, glastonbury, gogol, gorillaz, goth, gothic, hertford, hiding, history of guns, hsp, hsps, industrial, industrial punk, infected mushroom, ingmar bergman, insanity, internal war, j. d. salinger, jeff noon, jhonn balance, john balance, killing joke, lsd, magic mushrooms, manics, marillion, masochism, meads of asphodel, modern toss, nathan barley, noise, opression, orson welles, pi, pop will eat itself, poppy z brite, punk, pwei, quiet, racism, red wine, restraints, richey edwards, richey james, richey manic, s&m, salinger, sensitive, sexism, shrooms, sleep, smashitallupwithahammer, society, stopping it, suicide, surrealism, surviving, swans, tarkovsky, the end of everything, the foundry, the futility of existence, the meads of asphodel, throbbing gristle, tony banks, unconciousness, videodrome, vodka, whitby, xykogen, yorkshire

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