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Politics, voting, democracy… [Jun. 23rd, 2016|12:59 pm]
Max Rael
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Originally published at a hundred ways to kill yourself without actually dying. You can comment here or there.

Politics, voting, democracy… I’m sure you’re all sick of reading everyone’s opinions on Brexit.
Yesterday I had the day off for Caden’s sports day. I was faffing about, deciding which t-shirt to wear, when Caden said, ‘Can you wear the “don’t think, everything’s fine” one?’

This all started as a way to get out of bed in the morning. If you’re like me and struggle to wake of a morning, the trick is to NOT THINK. Just get up and clean your teeth and get in the shower, by which time you’ve woken up and no longer jonesing for the snooze button. My morning mantra became ‘Don’t think. Everything’s Fine.’ It worked so well I had it printed onto a t-shirt from one of these custom web places.

I happened to be wearing the t-shirt at a Xykogen recording session where I was recording vocals from the lovely Mark Eris performing his brilliant lyrics satirising Cameron, Boris and the Bullingdon Club, but it didn’t have a chorus. I just pointed to my t-shirt whilst recording the take and Eris perfectly delivered the line, and it became the Xykogen song Xembala. The music is largely made up of scraps of music written by the legendary Lee Chaos that I stitched together with a live bongo take from Amon Zero. Last year I filmed some footage during one of my lunchtime walks around the city, and Mog Warbeast filmed Mark doing vocals in a shed. This is that video. It’s political. It doesn’t say anything about the European Union (formerly known as the EEC).

Disclaimer: The man telling people not to vote at the started of the video does not necessarily represent the view of anyone involved in the making of this song.