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Max Rael

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Raelism: New EP on way [Jun. 22nd, 2015|12:03 pm]
Max Rael

Originally published at a hundred ways to kill yourself without actually dying. You can comment here or there.


My new EP, ‘Raelism: Back to the Battlefield’ is away to the distributors and will soon be available to hear… It’s the follow up to last year’s ‘Freedom Within the Prison’, which thankfully got some really lovely reviews. :)

“In its entirety, the Freedom Within the Prison ‘s twists and turns are what make the thrill ever so special and engaging. Not knowing what to expect at any point just when you’ve thought you figured it out is something to appreciate in a time when music can sound so samey. Volting through 80’s synth electronica grassroots prove to be well under Rael’s forte.” – Ear Milk

“Like the great Mike Oldfield, the imagery he presents is unhindered by words playing their part or taking centre stage, Max Rael offers realism, the chance to impose your thoughts onto his music and although nothing ever really compares to Mike Oldfield, so nothing ever compares to Raelism… A superb E.P. an electronica love-in.” – Liverpool Sound and Vision

“as the music veers into slightly more adventuresome territory as the almost suspenseful dance inspired music shows off his more daring side as he demonstrates on Freedom Within The Prison that he is willing to take risks with his music.” – Listen Here



Or, if you don’t believe in paying for music, it’s on various free download sites: